American Guild of Organists - Duquesne University Chapter

The King
of Instruments
is granting audiences
in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania
summer - 2004

Text Box: Young students enjoy live recitals and masters classes. .but these audiences are for young people only! The Duquesne University Student Chapter of the American Guild of Organists is sponsoring a Pipe Organ Text Box: A unique opportunity to practice and learn. Encounter for young people. This extraordinary event will allow between 30-40 young people from the northeastern United States the opportunity to attend a 4 day event that will feature individual lessons from world renowned organists, play on phenomenal instruments in the Pittsburgh area, attend 'masters classes' with their peers, and also take some time off for some summer fun.



Text Box: Individual instruction on outstanding instruments.

What makes this important and unique for the young attendees is that they will receive several days of nearly one-on-one attention with an organist who is renowned in their field. Between 15-20 professional organists from across the country will travel to Pittsburgh to participate in the event and allow a ratio of one organist for every two students. The students will be paired for lessons and be able to listen and learn from both the instructor and their peer. The individual instruction is supplemented by group 'master classes' in which organists who are noted for particular skills share their experience and knowledge with the young attendees.

Text Box: View from ceiling pipe chamber down to organ console in Heinz Memorial Chapel at University of Pittsburgh campus. The attendees will have a chance to make friends with local royalty. The King of Instruments will be granting audiences for them in over 15 locations in the Pittsburgh area. The students at Duquesne University who are organizing the event have enlisted the help of many prominent churches in the area. These churches and institutions have very generously opened their doors and provided resources to enable the young students to enjoy the phenomenal instruments within their walls.


Students will have an opportunity to see a variety of instruments in different settings. When they are in group sessions, they will be able to compare their experiences and learn about the diversity not only of the different instruments, but also the different styles and methods that the teaching staff brings to the encounter.

Later, near the end of the four day encouner, students will have an opportunity to play in recital for their peers on one of the great instruments. This group of 12-18 year olds will be able to shake the building foundations as they unleash the mighty voice of the King. And, there will be time for a field-trip to a pipe organ factory in nearby Ohio as well as some time for fun at a local attractions as the week wraps up.

Several things make this Pittsburgh Pipe Organ Encounter unique. It is one of the only such events run totally by students, and the students themselves are raising a significant amount of the money. They are committed to raising at least 18% of the approximately $25,000 cost of the event themselves. They have worked hard to secure a grant from the American Guild of Organists (AGO) that will fund nearly 21% of the total cost of the event. Tuition for the event, at $280 per student, should add another 36%. This leaves about $6,000 to be raised by other grants and sponsorships. Most of the event cost is in student and staff housing. Many world-renowned organists will travel to this event and give their services at no cost. However another significant expense of the program will be travel costs for these instructors. Because of the need to provide a ratio of 2 students per organ, a significant amount of local bus transport will also be a major portion of event costs.

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