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Thanks To Our
Generous Contributors!

The 2004 Pipe Organ Encounter sponsored by the Duqusne University Chapter of the American Guild of Organists could not have been possible without the support of generous individual contributions as well as corporate and foundation sponsors.

The Committee wishes to extend a heartfelt and sincere thanks to all of those listed on this page, as well as others who have provided time, services and support to this effort in service to future generations.

Won't you consider joining the ranks of those who are supporting this terrific opportunity for young people? Click here to learn how you can help with your contribution.


Corporate Patron
($1,001 and above)
  American Guild of Organists, National Organization
Corporate Supporter
Corporate Contributor
(to $500)
  Adkins & Associates
  American Guild of Organists, Pittsburgh Chapter
  The Association of Young Organists - Worcester Pennsylvania
  Caruso's Music and Rentals
  Duquesne University School of Music
  Gerrero Music
  J. W. Muller Pipe Organ Company, Croton, Ohio
  J. Zamberlan & Company
($101 and above)
  Jon J. Danzak
  Harold Dixler
  Robert & Kay Dye
  Dale Gilliland
  Jacob Gordon
  Donna and Mark Groom
  Ronald M. Klebick
  Dr. Ann Labounsky
  Stephen Lipnichan
  Brian O'Boyle
  Dr. Jan Edward Orris
  Elizabeth Paramore
  Rebecca Rollett
  Vincent & Margaret Rone
  Rudolph Stanish
  Chwen-Huei Tsai
  Dr. John Walker

-Soli Deo Gloria (only for the glory of God)

  Michael & Janis Alban
  John & Catherine Alban
  Judith P. Beswick
  David Billings
  Neal Campbell
-In honor of John Walker
  Ruth Cattley
-In appreciation and in memory of organ teacher Stanley Tagg
  David Craighead
  Clyde N. English
  Donald K. Fellows
  Charles & Patricia Gibbons
  Karen Krenitsky
  Charles Little
  Bryan J. Lohr
-In honor of John Walker

Dr. Lesley Losacco

  J. Barbara McKelway
  Cynthia Pock
-In honor of her teachers: William Chrystal & Donald Wilkins
  Gerald Roeder
  Mary Rone
  Catherine Sladowski, MD & John Bamber
  Richard Szeremany
  Russell J. Weismann
  Hugh & Alice Young
  Jeffrey M. Alban
  John Anderson
  Eunice Barnes
  Mary Beth Barsh
  John Becker
  Kenneth & Laurie Brakel
  Clifford J. & Meredeth P. Cohen

Ed Cox, PhD

  Philip DenBleyker
  Preston Dibble
  Susan & Craig Dobbins
  Gabriel Doria
  Christopher Fox
  Dorothy Frisch
  James & Jeannie Girardy
  John E. Hooper
  Paul Jacobs
  Lynn G. Kent
  Janna Kissner
  Curtis Kovach
  Raymond Ocock
  John S. & Lee R. Oehrle
  Elizabeth Jayne Pavlick
  Louie, Stacey & Emma Perrone
  Kay Philson
  John & Wilberta Pickett
  Joanne B. Rogers
  Byron Sadler, Jr.
  Sharon Schaefer
  Stephen R. Schall
-In memory of Dr. William Hays
  Reverend Ann Miller Smith
  Jim & Judith Stark
  Nancy S. Vaughan
  Reverend John & Verna Taylor
  George Tutwiler
  Mina Belle Packer Wichmann
  Donald & Collette Wilkins
  Jeanette Wilmanski
  George B. Armstrong
  Diane Barati
  James Bleil
  Ruth I. Bleil
  Robert & Regina Caldwell
  Marina Collado
  Martha, Bill & Billy Crean
-In memory of Adrianne Szeremany
  Eleanor R. Danzak
  George & Rita Esper
  Jaime Frye

Marlene & Robert Gardner

  Gary & Twila Gartletts
  Vincent & Estelle Girardy
  Carol Grum
  Ann & John Guadagno
  Marilyn Gukyer
  Horrell & Jocelyn Harrington

Charles Heaton

  Jane & Melvin Henderson
  Thomas & Gail Henry
  Marlene Holland
  Helen Houggy
  Raymond & Deanne Janko
  Daryl & Kathy Kemerer
  William & Donna Kinsey

Keith & Melanie Kirchartz

  Edward Kocher
  Bill Lindberg
  Dr. Robert S. Lord
  Bruce Ludwick, Jr.
  George & Carol McMunn
  Nina Michelli
  Signe Mitchell
  Donald H. W. Nelson
  Fred Orlansky

Thomas & Eileen Reed

  Linda Sanders
  John F. Slaney
  Frank Stearns
  Richard Stevenson
  Robert & Joyce Strobel
  Joel & Ann Tucciarone
  Frank & JoAnn Van Atta
  Dennis & Patricia Winn
  Leann J. Winn
Time, Services, Facilities or Expertise
  Jonathan Biggers
  Peter Richard Conte
  Gregory D'Agostino
  Kay Dye
  Gary P. Garletts
Jim Lueers
  Robert Olsavicky
  David P. Schaap
  Stephen Schall
  Neil Stahurski
  William Scott
  John Walker
  Linette Zabrosky

Ascension Church

  Calvary Episcopal Church
  Church of the Redeemer
  Eastminster Presbyterian Church
  First Lutheran Church
  First Methodist Church
  First Trinity Lutheran Church
  Heinz Memorial Chapel
  Kegg Organ Company
  Mount Lebanon United Lutheran Church
  Mount Lebanon United Methodist Church
  Mount Lebanon United Presbyterian Church
  Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church
  Saint Paul Cathedral
  Saint Paul's Episcopal Church
  Saint Stephen Lutheran Church
  Shadyside Presbyterian Church
  Southminster Presbyterian Church
  Third Presbyterian Church
  Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
  Westminster Presbyterian Church

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