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Level I: The Beginning Student


The purpose of Level I of the Academy is to provide young pianists an opportunity to take organ lessons and experience the joy of making music with the king of instruments.

Auditions for Level I are open to students presently in the seventh to eleventh grades. Students must display at least an intermediate piano proficiency by completing an audition. Since Level I is designated to encourage new students, only those students with less than a year of organ are eligible. All applicants must be able to reach the pedalboard comfortably. Applications must be submitted no later than due date. See upcoming dates for current information.

Audition Requirements:

Auditions are typically held in late afternoon in spring preceding the end-of-month regular monthly meeting of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the American Guild of Organists. (See upcoming dates for specific information for the current year.) Auditions will be performed on the piano. No memorization is required.

Applications will be expected to meet the following requirements:

The Award:

A maximum of three students may be chosen for Level I awards, to receive:

Terms of Award:

The student agrees to provide all necessary materials (organ shoes, music, etc.) and to make arrangements for a practice organ. The student also agrees to provide transportation to the site of practice organ and lessons. The student commits to adequate preparation for lessons during the term of study. All lessons not completed by June 1 of the term granted will be forfeited.

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