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David Higgs, Chair of Organ Department at the Eastman School of Music • live in concert at East Libety Presbyterian Church • Sunday, 16-Oct at 3:00pm • includes reception and and light refreshments after the concert


Sponsored by the Pittsburgh Chapter, American Guild of Organists
412-242-2787 (arts)

OAS Concert

The Organ Artist Series (OAS) Committee of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the American Guild of Organists (AGO) is dedicated to promoting the performance, recognition and appreciation of organ music as an art form by bringing to Pittsburgh many of the world's foremost organists. It also may sponsor competitions, workshops, commission original works and other related activities to advance the cause of organ music in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area.

Now in its 38th year, the Series continues to play a vital role in the musical and cultural life of Western Pennsylvania.

There is no pre-requisite for attending a concert, except a love of good music. The performer is in full view of the audience at each event, making it easy get a great view of the artist in action. You'll be amazed as the performers transform a blur of motion into a symphony of sound with their fingers at feet commanding the King of Instruments to do their bidding for your pleasure.

It's organ like you've never heard it before!

OAS Concert at Heinz Memorial Chapel The series will typically present four major concerts each year in the September through April timeframe. Guest artists for a season are selected to bring musical diversity to the audience. Well established classical performers, civic organists with a more popular style and outstanding new performers are all sought after each season to provide a program that everyone who appreciates organ music may enjoy - whatever their particular favorites. (Click on the "Season Concert" links to the left to explore the current artists for this year.)

The venues selected for the series are centrally located in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area using instruments and spaces that are well suited for appreciating the instrument. Frequently Calvary Episcopal ChurchSaint Paul Cathedral and Shadyside Presbyterian Church are venues for performances.

OAS Concert at Heinz Memorial Chapel Concerts are typically scheduled on weekend (Friday-Sunday) afternoons, include a brief intermission and last about 1½ hours. A reception follows the afternoon performances with some light refreshments and hors d'oeuvres.

It's a wonderful way to enjoy a light bite, meet the performer and chat with others who've just enjoyed the performance. An ideal way to spend a late Sunday afternoon before a leisurely early evening dinner. You can also take a peek at the console of the instrument.


Don't hesitate to call us at 412-242-2787 (ARTS) or e-mail us at info@oas-series.com for more information.

Be sure to get tickets or plan on attending a performance this year. It's organ like you've never head it before!

Commissioned Works

In honor of the tenth anniversary season, the composer Dan Locklair was commissioned to write "Rubrics" for organ. To mark its twentieth anniversary season, the Organ Artists Series commissioned the organ work "Confluence" by Joseph Willcox Jenkins. For its 25th Anniversary year Glenn Rudolph was commissioned to compose a new work which was performed that season. The OAS will continue to seek other opportunities to advance organ music in this way in the future.


Over the year, there has been tremendous support for this series at several levels:

The OAS has survived for nearly three decades because of those who have consistently supported the series in these and other ways. We're grateful for this tremendous vote of confidence!


The OAS is staffed by a hard-working volunteer committee that is composed of professional organists as well as music lovers. They meet several times during the year to coordinate concert activities for the ongoing season as well as to plan the upcoming season. Usually you'll see them wearing a an "OAS Committee" badge at concerts. Feel free to stop and chat with them, ask questions about the series, or ask for other information about it. Your participation and enjoyment of the concerts makes them a success, the committee is always interested in your thoughts about the series.

The committee includes:

John Henninger CAGO, MMDirector

Mark A. Anderson, William C. Gladden SPC, Gail M. Henry MM
Sara R. Kyle, J. Barbara McKelway, Stephen R. Schall MM, C. John Thickey CAGO

Ex Officio: Edward A. Moore DMA, Nathan Carterette MM, Donald K. Fellows MM

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