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Shadyside Presbyterian Church
5121 Westminster Place
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania15232-2116

Shadyside Presbyterian Church organ console

Renovations and Additions by Reuter, Opus 2175, 1994

Main Console 4 manuals - movable in Sanctuary
Gallery Console 2 manuals - fixed in rear balcony of Chapel
16 general pistons - duplicated with studs, 6 coupler pistons
4 general pistons with indicator lights, Great on Solo 8'
Tutti pistons and studs, Great/Choir Transfer, All Swells to Swell
8 division pistions in each division and divisional cancel
8 reversible studs for couplers
6 reversible studs for 32' stops, Cymbelstern & Vogelgessang
Peterson Master Stop Processor with 99 levels
4 midi pistons, Restore piston, Sequencer stud
Gallery organ disconnect
MIDI In,out, through

Great Organ
(61 notes)
(Pulpit Side)

Swell Organ
(61 notes, enclosed)
(Lectern Side)


12 pipes

16’Lieblichgedeckt61 pipes
8'Principal *61 pipes8’Diapason61 pipes
8'Violone61 pipes8’Viole De Gambe61 pipes
8'Harmonic Flute *61 pipes8’Voix Celeste (cc)61 pipes
8'Bourdon *61 pipes8’Rohrflote61 pipes
4'Octave *61 pipes8’Open Flute61 pipes
4'Spitllflote *61 pipes8’Lieblichgedeckt12 pipes
2'Fifteenth *61 pipes8’Flauto Dolce61 pipes
IVFourniture *244 pipes8’Flute Celeste (tc)49 pipes
IVCymbale *12 pipes4'Principal61 pipes
16'Trumpet12 pipes4’Hohflote61 pipes
8'Trumpet61 pipes4’Harmonic Flute61 pipes
VCoronet (notes 20-56)185 pipes4’Lieblichgedeckt12 pipes
8'Tuba(Solo) 22/3Nasard61 pipes
4'Trumpet12 pipes2'Blockflote61 pipes
8'Trompette en Chamade *61 pipes13/5'Tierce61 pipes
 Chimes(Solo) IVPlein Jeu244 pipes
 Tremulant 16'Bombarde61 pipes
 Midi to Great 8'Trompete61 pipes
 Great to Great 16' 8'Oboe61 pipes
 Great Unison Off 8'English Horn (Solo) 
 Great to Great 4' 8'Vox Humana61 pipes
 Swell to Great 16' 4'Clarion61 pipes
 Swell to Great 8' 8'Trompette en Chamade61 pipes
 Swell to Great 4'  Tremulant 
 Choir to Great 16'  Midi to Swell 
 Choir to Great 8'  Swell to Swell 16' 
 Choir to Great 4'  Swell Unison Off 
 Solo to Great 16'  Swell to Swell 4' 
 Solo to Great 8'  Choir to Swell 8' 
 Solo to Great 4'  Solo to Swell 8' 
 Gallery Swell to Great 16'  Midi to Swell 
 Gallery Swell to Great 8'    
 Gallery Swell to Great 4'    
 Midi to Great    
* = Pipes are exposed

Choir Organ
(61 notes, enclosed)
(Pulpit Side)

Solo Organ
(61 notes, enclosed)
(Lectern Side)

16'Gemshorn61 pipes8'Viole61 pipes
8'Diapason61 pipes8'Viole Celeste61 pipes
8'Vox Umana(TC)49 pipes8'Doppelflute61 pipes
8'Holzbordun61 pipes8'French Horn61 pipes
8'Gemshorn12 pipes8'English Horn61 pipes
8'Gemshorn Celeste(TC)49 pipes8'Clarinet61 pipes
4'Octave61 pipes16'Tuba(TC) 
4'Coppelflute61 pipes8'Tuba61 pipes
4'Gemshorn12 pipes18'Trompette en Chamade(Great) 
22/3'Nasat61 pipes8'Trompette en Chamade(Great) 
22/3'Gemshorn QUint61 pipes Chimes 
2'Weit Prinzipal61 pipes Cymbelstern 
2'Gemshorn12 pipes Vogelgesang 
13/5'Terz61 pipes Tremulant 
11/3'Gemshorn Larigot7 pipes Solo to Solo 16' 
IVScharf244 pipes Solo Unison Off 
32'Bassoon12 pipes Solo to Solo 4' 
16'Bassoon61 pipes Midi to Solo 
8'Tromba61 pipes   
8'Bassoon12 pipes

(32 notes)
(Pulpit Side)

8'Cromorne61 pipes
4'Tromba12 pipes32'Violone(Electronic extension)
4'Bassoon12 pipes32'Soubasse(Electronic extension)
8'Tuba(Solo) 32'Lieblichgedeckt(Electronic extension)
 Tremulant 16'Principal32 pipes
 MIDI to Choir 16'Violone (Great) 
 Choir to Choir 16' 16'Soubasse32 pipes
 Choir Unison Off 16'Gemshorn(Choir) 
 Choir to Choir 4' 16'Lieblichgedeckt(Swell) 
 Swell to Choir 16' 8'Principal12 pipes
 Swell to Choir 8' 8'Spitzflote32 pipes
 Swell to Choir 4' 8'Violone (Great) 
 Solo to Choir 8' 8'Soubasse12 pipes
 Gallery Great to Choir 8' 8'Gemshorn (Choir) 
 Gallery Swell to Choir 8' 8'Lieblichgedeckt (Swell) 
 Midi to Choir 4'Principal12 pipes
   4'Spitzflote12 pipes

Gallery Great Organ
(61 notes)

4'Lieblichgedeckt (Swell) 
4'Soubasse12 pipes
8'Prinzipal61 pipesIVMixture128 pipes
8'Gedeckt61 pipes32'Posaune12 pipes
4'Oktav61 pipes32'Bassoon(Choir) 
4'Koppelflote61 pipes16'Posaune32 pipes
2'Waldflote61 pipes16'Trumpet (Great) 
IISesquialtera(TC)98 pipes16'Bombarde(Swell) 
IVMixtur244 pipes8'Bassoon (Choir) 
 Tremulant 8'Posaune12 pipes
 Gallery Great to Gallery Great 16' 8'Tuba(Solo) 
 Gallery Great Unison Off 8'Trumba(Choir) 
 Gallery Great to Gallery Great 4' 8'Bombarde (Swell) 

Gallery Swell Organ
(61 notes, enclosed)

4'Bombarde (Swell) 
4'Tromba (Choir) 
16'Subbass32 pipes4'Bassoon (Choir) 
8'Rohrflot61 pipes4'Clarinet (Solo) 
8'Viole De Gambe61 pipes8'Trompette en Chamade (Great) 
8'Schwebung (TC)49 pipes Chimes 
4'Oktav61 pipes Great to Pedal 8' 
4'Rohrflote12 pipes Great to Pedal 4' 
2'Principal61 pipes Swell to Pedal 8' 
IVScharf244 pipes Swell to Pedal 4' 
16'Trompete61 pipes Choir to Pedal 8' 
8'Trompete12 pipes Choir to Pedal 4' 
8'Oboe d'Amour61 pipes Solo to Pedal 8' 
4'Trompete12 pipes Solo to Pedal 4' 
 Tremulant  Gallery Great to Pedal 8' 
 Gallery Swell to Gallery Swell 16'  Gallery Swell to Pedal 8' 
 Gallery Swell Unison Off  Pedal divide(Pedal stops on 1-12, Couplers & Chimes on 13-32)
 Gallery Swell to Gallery Swell 4'  Midi to Pedal 

Gallery Pedal Organ
(32 notes)

16'Subbass32 pipes   
8'Octave32 pipes   
4'Principal32 pipes   
IVMixture128 pipes   
32'Trompete12 pipes   

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