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You may print this form. print, fill it out and mail it with your check made out to the "Organ Artist Series of Pittsburgh". You may also use the Order Online option to donate via Paypal(TM).
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Help us continue to bring world-renowned artists to the area. Consider a donation to the Organ Artists Series and become a supporter. Your contributions are tax deductible! Please fill in your name and other contact information.

You may omit any information below it is if already on your personal check that you are enclosing.

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Tuba Mirabilis:

to $24


Please return this form with your check to:

John Henninger - OAS
1156 Old Farm Road
Lawrence, PA 15055-1027

Make checks payable to:
   Organ Artists Series of Pittsburgh

Your contribution will be acknowledged in our next program book and the web site.
We've named contribution levels after organ stops (sounds) to have a musical way to identify them as a very special group of music lovers.
  • Tuba Mirabilis - The most powerful and command reed stop
  • Bombarde - A strong, loud, low-pitched reed stop
  • Trompette - A reed stop which adds richness and dignity
  • Krumhorn - A solo reed stop with a distinctive tone
  • Diapason - The foundation sound and backbone of the organ
  • Melodia - A round, rich, and mellow flute stop
  • Chimes - A pleasant toned stop
Contributions at any level are always appreciated. Our generous contributors at all levels help us to bring commanding performances of the King of Instruments to appreciative audiences in the Pittsburgh area.

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